Domain Registrar Happiness


While I wasn’t exactly the first to express my discontent with domain registrars, with the aftermath of last week’s GoDaddy-SOPA drama still in motion, I most certainly wasn’t the last.

Amusing though it is to whine about these first-world problems, my complaining about domain registrars has been put to an end—I finally found a proper one.

Dynadot1 is a no-bullshit domain registrar that doesn’t try to lure you in with “$0.99 for the first year” type of deals, won’t have you uncheck 38 unnecessary scam-options from the order form, and doesn’t participate in shameless self-promotions over heated political issues. Additionally, as an added bonus, their control panel doesn’t look like complete shit, which is nothing short of a miracle in domain registrar land.

GoDaddy was always shitty, but if the SOPA drama gives you a reason to move away from them, definitely consider switching to Dynadot.